Kelly Plantation Golf


You never appreciate golf shoes until you have to play in boat shoes. Taking the opportunity to play the highest rated golf course in the Destin area, Kelly Plantation did not let me down. I’ve played resort courses in Texas, California, & South Carolina and Florida golf is certainly its own experience. I am an avid golfer and I look for every excuse I possibly can when I don’t play…wonderfully, but today even with boat shoes and a rental set of clubs I still enjoyed the round.


The clubhouse itself was a white columned plantation style setup with a tremendous practice facility (even the golf channel academy is hosted here).


After a…slow start comprised of figuring out the new clubs and my slippery footing, I was able to fully appreciate the nuances and challenges the course had to offer (and kick their a$$).


I would certainly recommend this course to anyone (amateur or experienced), and it is worth the price of admission. Next time I come out here I’ll probably start out with the Donkey punch in the clubhouse and my swing will be properly lubricated. If you’re out this way definitely check it out and take some time away from the wife and kids.


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