Kensington’s First Food

I wish I could say that Kenzie’s first time eating food was successful but instead I’m gonna go with not so much. haha. So my doctor advised trying Oatmeal first (as opposed to rice cereal due to some recent rice issues) and to mix it with formula. This is about how she viewed the experience.

  • It starts with “Whats going on mom?” – curious but unsure
  • then “Whatcha got there?” very curious
  • then “Okay I’ll give this a go if I must”…
  • lastly “I love you mom you so funny.”

But then she actually tasted it…

The last picture is my favorite…Basically loosely translates to “What the heck was that tasteless nonsense. No I will not swallow it or allow you near my mouth again.” haha. Then she basically choked because she was trying to spit it out and then refused to eat anything else. So now I think we’re going to try VERY pureed veggies for a little bit in the hopes that: A) she won’t choke to death and terrify her mama and B) She may actually grow to like it. Carrots start tomorrow! Wish us luck!



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