Friends’ Catholic Baptism

Good friends of ours just baptized their youngest child (a beautiful little boy) yesterday. I of course used it as an opportunity to get the whole family dressed up and spend some time with people Dave has known his whole life. Instead of doing it at the end of service like their had for their first child, this time it was on a Saturday, much shorter, and all for the kids (which was GREAT because no one was worried that their kid would be the online making noise).


So here is my child (terrified by all the noise with a giant bow on her head) being entertained by selfies as we watched MJ get baptized. Afterwards we went to Babe’s chicken house in Carrollton & it was super yummy! We got to have good conversation an some yummy snacks to tie us over (and of course Kensington was super well behaved).

My favorite picture of the whole day is this one – where Dave & Kenzie are making the EXACT same face and looking ridiculous. haha.


But all in all it was a super fun day!



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