Deck of Scarlet

By now I think everyone knows I LOVE subscriptions ๐Ÿ™‚

I love any business based on the principal that I get to feed the shopping beast on a regular basis, while replenishing my need for something, at a lower cost than normal. So I used to be a member at Ipsy (where they send you little makeup samples and an occasional full size for $10/month) but I found I only like 1-2 things in my bag every month and didn’t end up using a lot of it.

But then…I’m scrolling through Facebook and one of the very in tune to my needs ads is for Deck of scarlet. For $30 every other month they will send you a full size makeup pallet with some face powders, 2 lip glosses, eye shadow, highlighter, etc. They also send a full size eye liner.


I got my first one in yesterday and I have to admit, while the colors are brighter than I would normally go for, I REALLY liked it. The packaging it arrived in was beautiful and expensive looking.

The quality of the powders was great – easy to apply but stayed all day. And of course cruelty free. I really liked how my makeup looked when I was done.

“pretty in pink” – this was Deck #4. Each time they send one its a different number with a different color theme. Provided they don’t go too crazy I can see myself really liking it. Keeping my subscription for now for sure!



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