Bullet Journaling 101

Anyone who knows me knows: I am Type A. I have some very minor OCD. I LOVE lists. I make lists about what lists I need. Did I mention the lists thing? When I got into Bullet Journaling a year ago all I could think was "Where have you been all my life". Next Wednesday … Continue reading Bullet Journaling 101

Favorite Pregnancy Foods

Being pregnant can be REALLY hard. I've been so blessed that both of my pregnancies have been really low risk with very few "bad" symptoms. I haven't really been nauseous (although I get the WORST headaches) and I still have super high energy that allows me to workout regularly. All of this being said, when … Continue reading Favorite Pregnancy Foods

Getting Started with Adoption

Lately my soul has been shouting for me to listen regarding adoption. So we're pregnant with our second child (yay) and he will be almost exactly one year younger than Kensington. But now that we know we have the blessing of one girl and one boy of our own, I feel that it is incredibly … Continue reading Getting Started with Adoption

Deck of Scarlet

By now I think everyone knows I LOVE subscriptions ๐Ÿ™‚ I love any business based on the principal that I get to feed the shopping beast on a regular basis, while replenishing my need for something, at a lower cost than normal. So I used to be a member at Ipsy (where they send you … Continue reading Deck of Scarlet

Friends’ Catholic Baptism

Good friends of ours just baptized their youngest child (a beautiful little boy) yesterday. I of course used it as an opportunity to get the whole family dressed up and spend some time with people Dave has known his whole life. Instead of doing it at the end of service like their had for their … Continue reading Friends’ Catholic Baptism

Whole30 Week One

Losing baby weight is hard. Losing 5, 10, 15 pounds of baby weight is hard. Cooking each meal when you'd rather play with your beautiful baby girl is hard. Keeping healthy food in your body and your husband's body and your baby's body is hard. Basically, life is hard. And while I am starting back … Continue reading Whole30 Week One

Kensington’s First Food

I wish I could say that Kenzie's first time eating food was successful but instead I'm gonna go with not so much. haha. So my doctor advised trying Oatmeal first (as opposed to rice cereal due to some recent rice issues) and to mix it with formula. This is about how she viewed the experience. … Continue reading Kensington’s First Food