Rosemary Beach

Avid Pinterest users have probably stumbled upon Rosemary beach at some point while perusing foodie restaurants, shopping, blogger posts, or dream vacations. While staying along 30A at Seaside this summer, we decided we wanted to see what all the hype was about and made a half day trip of it. The architecture of Rosemary beach … Continue reading Rosemary Beach

Kelly Plantation Golf

DAVID BLOG TAKEOVER You never appreciate golf shoes until you have to play in boat shoes. Taking the opportunity to play the highest rated golf course in the Destin area, Kelly Plantation did not let me down. I've played resort courses in Texas, California, & South Carolina and Florida golf is certainly its own experience. … Continue reading Kelly Plantation Golf

Foodie – That’s Me!

Anyone who knows me knows I want to eat EVERYTHING every where we go. So for Day Two here in Seaside, I'm pretty much giving you guys a play-by-play of the places we ate. haha. We woke up (thank god Kenzie was in a good mood) and I went to workout on the beach. After … Continue reading Foodie – That’s Me!

Seaside, FL

Today was our first day in Seaside, FL (where I used to come with my Family and now I am here with my baby girl). Remember yesterday when in my post about her flight I said my little girl was an angel and I was blessed beyond measure blah blah blah? Yeah - I jinxed … Continue reading Seaside, FL

Kensington’s First Flight

Let me start by saying - I am the LUCKIEST mom in the world. No seriously. Everyone thinks their child is an angel. My daughter NEVER cries (save for that one time she got altitude sickness), sleeps 10 hours a night, and smiles constantly. Not to mention....2 flights - her first flights ever - no … Continue reading Kensington’s First Flight


I've been a huge fan of the company Ringly for years (ever since I was working for Samsung) because they took the notification bracelet/activity tracker in a different directly (making women's rings instead). Their jewelry is BEAUTIFUL and make great fashion pieces. So when I saw that Nordstrom was doing a Pop-Up with the new … Continue reading Ringly

DIY Cabinet Redo

When we bought our house a few months ago we did a ton of renovations: All new hardwoods New countertops/Backsplash/Cabinet paint in the Kitchen New Fireplace Tile New Tile/Cabinet Paint in the Master Bath New Fence (which Dave built and its AMAZING) But there were still a ton of things we wanted to do (the … Continue reading DIY Cabinet Redo