Favorite Pregnancy Foods

Being pregnant can be REALLY hard. I've been so blessed that both of my pregnancies have been really low risk with very few "bad" symptoms. I haven't really been nauseous (although I get the WORST headaches) and I still have super high energy that allows me to workout regularly. All of this being said, when … Continue reading Favorite Pregnancy Foods

Things I didn’t realize about being pregnant…before I was

Pregnancy is definitely a journey. Everyone's is assuredly different and everyone faces different challenges and victories. While I am currently in my final week of pregnancy (Kensington is set to arrive this Friday) I wanted to share some of the weird, challenging, crazy (at least to me) things that I've experienced that I wish someone had … Continue reading Things I didn’t realize about being pregnant…before I was

OMG It’s a GIRL!

So David and I have been so excited about having a child - kind of terrified we're going to mess up terribly, but still so excited - and with us hitting the halfway mark last week, I wanted to do a look back on some of my favorite moments so far. Step One: Take positive … Continue reading OMG It’s a GIRL!